Sunday, July 22, 2012

BOYSLIKEGIRLS day 1.0 (12.07.12)

i taken absences from my working currently just to focus on my stalkin career for this 3 days. Thank God I have numbered leaves to apply so I choose to sacrifice the 3 days >.<

I have been to airport for 3 times seriously. Avril Lavigne, Jessie J and this.

Ok, I woke up at 7am (as usual working time) and drive all the way to Sri Petaling before to KLIA. I start my journey at 830am and i reach at 930am PLUS i go reload my Touch N Go & fill up my car petrol. 1hr is seriously crazy fast i know -_- gan cheong ma. forgive me.

so I reached at H's place and he hasn't prepared OMG. I know I'm too anxious. Chill Meia please -_- and I tweeted Yeap so she could standby earlier. WE MUST REACH BEFORE 1030? YEAH. Ah H suggested to drive. We went to print BLG pictures to let them sign on it later :> So we go pick Yeap up and drive all the way to KLIA. The journey is superb slow -_- I wonder..

Can't remember what time we reached. But we managed to be there ard 1030. And so we were hungry; we decided to go back to Burger King LOL. Again me there finishin up the banner I done earlier. Burger King turned up to be my place to do my banner =_=
Walked to the arrival hall and wait for them and WTF so many people seriously -_- they make me feel like Saturday... Time goes by and realize its been hours we waited. H walked to the VIP there to check if there's any sign of them before. We almost gave up. But during the process of waiting, we spotted Kelvin Cheng. Thanks to his fan, ONE ONLY fan waited for him; thought us one of her idol's fan waiting for him. HE IS REALLY SUPER LOOKING GOOD. but nah, his diva attitude is seriously turn me off -_- I wonder if all of the TVB people will be this way. If not I'm so gonna dump BOSCO away T-T poor his fan for brought flowers all the way to him and he just took it; no signal of sayin THANK YOU at all.

... FINALLY ah H saw PAUL or MARTIN first? SHIT I couldn't recall who he seen first lmao. Too starstruck till I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Oh yes the banner DUH -_- and all I remember is NOTHING. except holdin the banner (worst case when we don't have IPA this time). Asked Martin why John and Morgan not with them. He said they took differ flight; Martin and Paul frm LA & Morgan and John from Boston. I see..

Martin spotted my banner dialogue for "I WANT TO PLAY LASER TAG WITH BLG". He recalled there is a contest for this and he wanted us to play with them OMG. And so he asked for my name and number. My brain is malfunctioned cause I don't understand what he asked LOL. He asked for several times and I keep pat ah H's shoulder "eh what he asked for ar?". -__________- and so my name and my number is in his phone pictures. SERIOUS. URGH no IPA seriously doomed shit. 

taken from Rockaway Festival page

from my phone picture :D

we followed them to the exit ._.

i got my very first own picture with Martin and Paul LOL

the pictures I had with them are funny. Don't you notice the big yellow plastic bag I'm holding? potong steam shit -_-

Ah H said he must meet John in order to bundle up the signatures we have. Yeah its true. and so we went to hotel all the way from KLIA XD 
will continue the part 2 for hotel journey later ._. adios!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

i had 3 days mission for to stalk catch Boys Like Girls arrival, concert & hopefully laser tag. AND YESH, my mission is fully accomplished. actually its not but considered accomplished la. 
but shit, these 3 days caused me insomnia, skin allergy & muscle pain. does anyone out there is as crazy as me? -_-


its been super massive long time I din blog here. There must be either I'm lazy (def) or I have not enough time to squeeze my brain juice for my recent activites.

Concerts everywhere this year. Up and down but life is awesome that I'm able to enjoy all these before 2012 ;p

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Avril Lavigne Live in Malaysia 2012

FINALLY its on 18 Feb (forgive my late post as I am lazy to blog damn). The day I crave for since last year. Keep sayin faster end CNY lol.
I had sleepless night before the concert for doin this
For drawing this for concert later. For Avril and the band obviously :D Done in 4 hours. Not bad dy lo. Sleepless night for 1 month. Same goes to Aki. We have stressful month LOL.
So i made this banner that's y LOL

Emily fetch us from Aki's home (we overnight at her house :) ) to ah H's house to go Stadium Merdeka together. Cause we dont know the road way still. This is my 2nd time to Stadium Merdeka for same concert :') So we goin there to park at the stadium and proceed to take train to Times Square for meal. We need to eat before enter concert :D so we off to OldTown for NASI LEMAK HO YEAH. I duno y I smell nasi lemak and miss the food for Avril concert. The same thing happened back in Spore concert last yr (i din blog bout this damn -_-)
Meet KahYee at OldTown and we together off to stadium after grab some cash from ATM. for merch sake. And it's raining D:
And so we met Joanna at the Monorail stop there and ahYunn pat my shoulder after that LOL. And we all walk back to stadium in umbrella. ella ella eh eh ~ -_-
And so sittin in front of stadium because the queue for Tunetalk is not under roof. because its raining haiz. Soon we met Irene. and Yeap. Not long after that we decided to walk to the queue and line up. I dont have to queue btw. Because Aki won best nominees for TuneTalk on Best Damn Fan. I mean we won :D so we get front row tickets :DDDDDDD still we queue with them la
in a god damn cheap skate raincoat but its RM5. O_O ar mao raincoat looks like the mandarin orange wrappin XD and so while we wait and wait.. Claudia from Brunei, our new dear Avrillians team member. Met her lookin for Aki XD durin queue -_- so I walked out of the line to tap Claudia that Aki is at the other side lookin for her.
While others stuck in the queue, me and Aki walkin around the stadium ._. we go top up our new sims card. Avril Lavigne sims card! Top up RM30 for usage and lucky draw. Guess what? I got notebook. Note book. not the laptop -_- Two notebooks ho yeah rites. And we walked to the booth and ask for when is the ticket redemption. Then off to a booth where we sat down and make these
and we go take pic XD
We met Jacke and Susan. They helped us took this :D and I forgot to bring his GL album damn it. We walked around again to shoppe -_- oh there is official merch booth store finally.
Did asked the seller to hold these items for me so I can take a pic to ah H for whatsapp. And so both of us spend till dry for these
guess we are too crazy. TBST TOUR BOOK IS A MUST. and the. STAR GLOWIN STICK too okay. I been wanted this for so long since watchin Avril's Cant get this at Singapore -_- but at least we managed to buy badges at Spore. NOT BAD. we went to stadium for shopping oh rites
After done shopping (lol), walk to tunetalk booth ticket redemption to get this <3
and so we met these two girls again. (we met them at airport last night) and same nominees for best damn fan winners.
while on queue. i was playing with this. ok not really. i cant remember what i'd done -_- the winners and their partners gonna be in front row before any other VIPs. how awesome. and so we are the first batch walkin into the stadium. lookin at the way to the stadium only us. shuang dao XD but still i ran all the way with aki and we were like "y uwe run?" -_- too excited HAHA
Front row without queue feels good. And so we still worried for others couldnt manage to come in on time. Have to stand in extra space so our friends manage to stand with us :]
my front view uh la la
my poster instead of banner LOL. cute kan :'D

Couldnt hold my own phone to see Avril but mau capture her -_- busy takin this poster so erm. Emily i need help :D tho its blur but hey, these are genuine photos from my own phone, not taken from any other media LOL (so proud ._.)

love this. I always love to see her in this way <3

cant believe Avril would pass her for the night XD to Jimmy to sing. Pumped Up Kicks. I love this song since then
Jimmy on Pumped Up Kicks :D

All of them changin their own roles for this cover. Ah they all make my night T-T Why? It's because we basically screamed out loud for the band members, Steve Rodney for so fuckin loud instead of Avril -_- after end of the encore of Complicated, FINALLY STEVE. i mean both the STEVEs :D sees us :DDD and apparently Ferlazz did pointed at us and doin hand gesture for GOOD JOB <3 and gona come down :D by the way, we are popular cause all the angmohs (assume they are Avril crew) recognize us "oh u guys at the airport right?" LOL.
While waiting for Ferlazz and Steve comin down, ppl started to stand next to me ._. so they did expect the band members comin down and ask me for details :D kinda wait for several few minutes later, i dont think they gona come down so. I pass my poster to one of the angmoh on stage clearance, he grab my poster and say thank you. I bet Ferlazz told him or anyone to accept my poster LOL. HAPPY :DDDDD

our very second gathering photo after 2008 ah <3 not as much as in 2008 but we do keep in touch still. thanks to Avril <3

P.S. Basically cant remember the set list :) check out the others blog. they def will have it LOL <3

Monday, February 20, 2012


Aki, Emily and me woke up at 8am; purposely take leave from work just for 17 FEB to the airport. And the funny moment is, we already expected not to see them; treatin this as KLIA trip XD
we reach at 10am over for the Manila flight arrival at 1035am. We know that there will have 2 flights arrival from Manila at 1035am & 635pm (the possible time).

Stick at Burger King after wanderin ard arrival hall for 1035am flight. and start to do our banners there.

and actually i done with the hairs color on the banner, i did tweet of this to them AND WHO KNOWS I GOT REPLIED
and so 3 of us doin some touch ups on their hairs, faces & the names LOL. at Burger King -_- i bet the staffs there curse us like hell for stayin there kacau them cleaning .__. Never thought Ferlazz (FYI, he is Avril's keyboardist) loves my banner. Hope can meet them but not in high hope def.

Epic ah H got accident on his beloved car hours ago and manage to get it fixed on time to airport. and ah C is comin along. we met new friends as well, from best damn fan nominees that we participate to win; and ar mao's friend, Andrew haha. and showin my banner like the tourist guide showin their own banner to their clients "IM HERE".

pretty long time that we are waiting for them.. we keep guessin "this is Al?" im like HOI dark skin fella jiu shi Al Berry de meh -_- and btw, everyone frm the hall keep starin at my banner. i m super shy to the max..

FINALLY ok. Andrew saw Ferlazz. the awkward moment is, we dun realize is him and Andrew is like keep sayin "OMG is that.. is that.." and Aki screamed yes is him! (correct me if im wrong XD ). and so everyone is screamin -_- and Ferlazz finally looked at us and he is smilin all the way to my banner :D

YEAH I met Jimmy and the band members as well. Tho I couldn't meet Avril but I am lucky enough to spot them and even take picture with Jimmy :)
I wish I am sober enough to take picture with others but oh well, my eyes r busy to catch Avril in case she is passing by :( I'm learning to be grateful now ish

And TA DA. Our group picture <3 Taken from Ferlazz's twitter. He is using his own iPhone to some stranger to snap us :D

I know it's super awkward when Ferlazz told me "for us?" and im like YEAH BUT IM NOT GOIN TO GIVE YOU. No I just said No. :( Ok i am such a bitch -_- So we followed them walk all over the entrance, get in and out LOL. And we r tryin to look for Avril but I know we couldnt meet. Still we want to try.
The second awkard moment is -_- Steve is askin me again for the banner. for TWICE. He said he will guarantee that my banner will get to Avril but what la, you guys signed on it and Avril signed on it then keep with them. What is the point haiyo. Honestly if they asked me for the 3rd time, I will surrender the banner but THANK GOD I DIDNT =_=

So thank you to my two other Avrillians for these pics of me and Jim :D

back home tweetin to best damn band again. I got the reply LMAO. Yer really awkward -_-

So Aki said backpack to her house to start doin another banner and FUCK YEAH i did -_- back home change clothes n packin to Aki's home with Emily. Another sleepless night again :)

P.S. credit to Emily, ah H, Andrew & Jessica for the pictures except the banner LOL XD

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Blog somethin for 2011. i think this is probably the first post in 2011. bet it is.. -_-
Stucked in the same life routine in weekdays. wake up, bath, go to work, lunch break, work, back home, online. so miserable. LOL

Bout today incident (I am going to blog any shit what I want onwards. Dun wana get this blog in dead again :( ) i think is around after 1111am session. and yeah, today is 11.1.11. awesome.. and BOOM. suddenly no electricity durin work. that is so shocking and i almost dead. ALL THOSE FREAKING QUIT RENT I KEYED IN THE EXCEL GONE. ROAR.
And it's back. rites.


Fuck the hell no electricity in a sudden. Anyway joy is everywhere for this moment. AH seriously. Even me oso very de happy -_-
but there is some ppl stuck in the lift. I am like OHMYGOD O_O who the hell so unlucky -_- and is my colleague. and he stucked in there for over half an hour. i feel like no air..
and my senior said WILL HE GOIN TO PLAY MUSIC FROM HIS PHONE? while Im thinking of the DEVIL.. if u watched this movie. You will know what I meant. All i think of is iPad. ya ya. accordin to ah C thought, why don't ppl grab out iPad instead of phone flash. too tiny.
so they out from the lift. everyone claps. i feel glad too. kinda relieved obviously. and they said it's goin to be like this for 3 hrs *starin at the clock at 3pm* can say is happy but damn my works cannot finish. STILL electricity back before 320pm even.. yeah. mixed feeling.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

weird dream

There is few days back. I dream of the most horrifying dream ever in my life. Maybe I owned this before due to my STMness. Ah well. This one totally so fresh now

I dream of Boys Like Girls with SAW scene. WTF right? yeah i know -_-

Me dream of myself in a house with kinda old wood house. Those u see in thriller movie. The house they get in. so scary type with spider webs something like that. My dream is. I see I'm in the middle way and rooms door next to me. 4 room doors. And I walked slowly to the end pathway, I see Martin them. Saw Miss Epic Yeap inside asking for autograph. oh wow.

While me stucked beside because I scared. Kinda creepy the way I feel in the dream. I pass my booklet to Yeap for them to sign. Martin said I must go in on my own. And I walked in and they 4 sitting on a meeting table there. And signed on my booklet with their lil notes on it. Awesome but too bad is a dream -_-

Then the dream turned into SAW scene. A guy stucked in a house and can't escaped. Eventually he been trapped in a cage where his head left out from the cage. Inside the cage contained a fan. Means when the fan is on, the body inside gonna sliced into pieces.

I think I reached the highest level of stress. Enough said.